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Mission Impossible
13107202 Misora Arima
I watched “Mission Impossible”. This is an action movie and Tom Cruise was a main character in this movie. It is too difficult for me to understand so I got mixed up.
Ethan was a great and clever spy but he lost his companions. Moreover a leader of an organization thought that Ethan was a traitor. He was falsely with this trouble. And he decided to find a real traitor. Then he thought that a way to luring the traitor and he infiltrated a headquarters. At last he exposed a plot.
To tell the truth, I suspected that Claire was a bad person when she was worried about him. But I don’t think that Jim was a bad person, too. Jim was a principal offender and he shot Claire. I was absolutely shocked.
My favorite scene was that Ethan infiltrated the headquarters. When he was hung dangling in midair, he had to worry about temperature in a room which had a main computer, sounds and a pressure gauge under a floor. If he dropped anything from his hands, the sensor made a big noise. At the start, he wet on with his works and he could copy NOC file. But Krieger who stayed a ceiling and he pulled Ethan’s body slackened a reins. So Ethan’s body seemed to touch the floor. I was very excited to watch the scene. That was a close call.
I have never watched the series before, so I was very surprised to watch the movie. I wanted to watch “Mission Impossible 2” and “Mission Impossible 3”. (261)

movie review

The Mask
13107202 Misora Arima

I really like The Mask because there were unique characters and this movie was very fun. When a main character was surprised, his eyeballs protruded or his heart was beating very fast. That was funny and comical so I enjoyed watching.
Stanley Ipkiss was easy to deal with and he can not say his feelings or opinions distinctly. Moreover he was not good at anything so he didn’t get a lot of attention from women. He always wanted to change himself and he had a desire to be a perfect person.
Tina Carlyle was very beautiful woman but she had a trouble. Everyone thought that her presence at the party is mere window dressing. She needed a special person who took care of her. So she was attracted by Stanley’s charm. I like Milo which was Stanley’s dog in particular because he was very clever and always helped his owner. When Stanley was arrested and stayed a prison, Milo got a key for opening the prison. I think Stanley was saved by Milo. He was a faithful dog.
I introduce my favorite scene. Stanley Ipkiss who wore a green mask danced with polices and the Special Assault Team in front of a park. The Mask started to dancing to the music then bodies of polices moved automatically. At the end they enjoyed dancing and singing a song.
I was interested in “we all wear masks”. Dr. Arthur Neuman said this word in this movie and I assented to his opinion. I thought that we wear masks everyday and we hid real feelings. So I yearn for the Mask because he does the way he want. (285)

movie review

Toy story
13107202 Arima Misora
I have seen “Toy Story” 3 times and I really like this story. When I was a little girl, I thought that toys could move and think about me. So I was very kind to my toys, I loved stuffed toys and dolls in particular. I still have many toys and I really like to play with toys.
There were a lot of toys in this movie and when no one was around they could walk all over the Andy’s room and they formed a toy’s community. They cooperated with each other and all toys had important parts in the society. Woody took the leader and he was adored by everyone because he had the ability to judge coolly then his judges were right. In Andy’s birthday, Buzz Lightyear entered the society. He was too self-conscious and believed that he was a real space ranger. His idea was out of keeping with the society so Woody didn’t like Buzz. Woody was jealous of Buzz because Buzz had cool items and received all the attention. And what was even worse, Andy was interested in Buzz. That was why Woody lost composure. On the other hand, Buzz didn’t grant the truth which was Buzz was Andy’s toy. They hated each other and they had priority own idea. But they became have a good friendship. When they were caught by Sid who was a neighbor, they admitted those mistakes and they learned importance of cooperating all over again.
I know that true friends can cooperate and true friendship never break at any time. Happily I have a lot of friends. They always worry about me and help without a single complaint. So they are very important for me and I want to be kind for them. I learned many things of friendship through this movie.


movie review

Romeo and Juliet
13107202 Misora Arima

I watched Romeo and Juliet directed by Baz Luhrman. The original author is Shakespeare so the lines are very difficult and amazing. Most of lines are figurative expressions. Characters spoke in a roundabout way but they were romantic lines. I especially like Juliet’s lines. She said “I shall say good night till it be tomorrow.” How beautiful!
Romeo and Juliet was a tragic story. They loved each other but it was an impossible love. Romeo was a rash and impatient boy. When Romeo broke into Juliet’s house, luckily, he wasn’t found out. I thought that he behaved without considering the consequences. If Romeo has the ability to judge coolly, the terrible accident may have not happened. Juliet came from a good family so she seemed to live happily, but she felt lonely because her parents didn’t worry about her. Her nurse alone was anxious and stood by her. I thought that Juliet yearned for Romeo who had many friends and enjoyed his selfish life. Their love didn’t come true. And what was even worse, crossing a father’s latter [JT1] caused miserable accident. So Romeo took a drug then he dead and Juliet shot herself fatally with a pistol.
This is a very sad movie. Romeo and Juliet both died for their families’ troubles. I was filled with heartrending sorrow. At the end of the movie, a policeman said “This is a punishment for a family feud.” I thought so too, two families were stubborn about little things then drove their only children to suicide. I thought that the same goes for nations which quarrel and create tragedies. (264)


movie review

School of Rock
13107202 Misora Arima

I watched School of Rock. I love music so I enjoyed watching this movie. Rock music makes me happy and sound is great.
Dewey was trying for the first prize of rock but he is not well enough known among people. So he taught students at junior high school to get some money. He was an impostor. However he had heart of rock and he really liked his students. Then the students had complete trust in him.
I especially like Zack. His father was quite strict so he was disgusted by his father’s rules. He wanted to resist his father and he wanted to change himself. He learned a rebellious sprit from rock.
Summer is synonymous with an honor student. She was far removed from the rock sprit. But she understood about rock and she it was her responsibility to bring the class together. I also like her.
Rosaline who was the principal of the school was great woman. Most teachers didn’t like her because she was serious almost to a fault. It could not be helped. And parents put pressure on Rosaline to improve at school.
Dewey said “It was rock to resist The Man.” Students felt gloomy about their lives and they didn’t know how to rebel. I thought that they pretended to be a good boy or good girl. In fact, they wanted to do mischief. I thought that they learned many things from Dewey. First, you must believe your ability and yourself. Second, rock music makes you happy. Third, it is important to unite. This movie is very interesting and fun. I also learned a lot of things so I love this movie.

movie review

13107202 Misora Arima

I like this movie very much, because there are many unique characters and they teach a lot of things.
I like Shrek and Donkey in particular. Shrek is very ugly and stupid so no one likes him. So he avoids everyone. He enjoyed his life. And he thought that “The life is best, I want to have no friends.” He didn’t open his heart to anyone.
Donkey liked talking and prattling. His owner didn’t like him. So his chatter grated on her ear.
One day, Shrek and Donkey met by chance. Then Donkey and Shrek went out to the castle by a strange coincidence. Donkey talked always and he was very noisy. So Shrek sent Donkey away as if irritated. But I think that Shrek did not hate Donkey. In other words, Shrek didn’t know how to get along with a friend. Shrek’s weak point was dealing with people. However Shrek began to feel for Donkey through the journey. And Shrek was in love with Fiona who was princess. Shrek and Fiona understood their feelings. But they were not gentle and obedient. I was impatient with Shrek and Fiona. They loved each other. They could not tell their real feelings. I’m sure that it is too difficult to say the real things. I want to say my feeling clearly, but I always have patience and I can not tell everything. If I say “I miss you” or what I really feel, the person might hate me. So I control my feeling. My personality is similar to Shrek’s. After all, Donkey spoke on behalf of Fiona. Shrek knew what Fiona was thinking by grace of Donkey. Then Shrek went to the castle and Shrek said “I love you” to Fiona at last.
This movie describes the friendship and real love, I think. Shrek stuck stubbornly to his idea. But he learned how to open his heart and confide truth. Shrek understood that the friendship was very important. I know it is necessary to have friends and keeping friendship through this movie. And to tell the truth is so important.